2014-general building lndscpThe answer is that almost any building can be drained siphonically but with provisos.

For further information download the pdfSRDA Guide to siphonic drainage.

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  • Large industrial, storage or retail buildings will show much greater benefit gains over gravity drainage - in fact it would be almost impossible to drain some of these buildings by gravity.
  • Gutters or flat roof areas must be large enough to accept a siphonic outlet, and must have adequate access for maintenance. Gutters in inaccessible locations may not be so suitable. They are not recommended in flat roofs because they introduce unnecessary complexity and cost and may increase maintenance.
  • All drainage can produce unwanted noise. In areas sensitive to sound, siphonic systems like gravity pipework may need acoustic insulation.
  • With stringent criteria for SRDA membership, any specifier using an SRDA member can be sure that they are placing this vital part of their project in the hands of a company who have the expertise to do the job properly.